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Don Saxton

I agree TOTALLY with your sentiments!! I am Ron's older Cousin, and virtually all his claims should be suspect. Since early adulthood, his only goal has been to be a politician. He never was and never will be from a modest hardworking background, though his parents were no better off than mine. He claims he worked at Smokecraft in Albany. He did--One summer, as temp help to raise living money for College. His Position on the Portland School Board was done merely as a way to gain public exposure for greater political aspirations later on- He never truly gave a Damn about your, or my kid's Education!! I was so disgusted by his handling of the School Board under his Presidency, I moved my family out of Portland.(mind you, I had lived in Portland for over 30 years!)
His using the Occupation of "Farmer" on his Voter pamphlet page isn't surprising to me. It's just another convienient political item to bamboozle ignorant Voters into voting for him. What he hasn't learned yet is to make sure his Credentials are squeeky clean, because using such claims opens up the claim to public scrutiny.
I've said it all throughout his Campaign to as many peole who will listen- HE IS A PHONY!! He is NOT worthy of anyone's Vote. Just look to his Campaign Contributors to see Who he will represent, because it sure as HELL isn't going to be You or Me!!
So far as Ron AS Governor??--- He would be a do nothing Governor because his real interest is in National Politics, not State Politics- Another Stepping stone to greater power. His use of Mark Hatfield as a Model of who he wants to emulate is not a wrong one, in the same way Mr. Hatfield used his Tenure as Governor to move on to the U.S. Senate. One only needs to look to Mr.Hatfield's accomplishments while Governor of Oregon to see what path Ron would take.
His also including Tom Mc Call as a Model is pure Bullshit!! Tom was a Progressive Republican who did many great things for Oregon as Governor. First and foremost, Tom was an environmentalist. Ron takes over $2,000,000.00 in Campaign contributions from Corporate interests that have a record of environmental crimes, and wants to paint himself as evironmentally friendly?? GIVE US A BREAK!!!
Sad thing is People from east of the Cascades and down in Southern Oregon will give him a break because of what he says he is-- Not look into whether any of his claims are true. A word to wise: if you live in either area and think Ron will spend more time in your area listening to your Concerns;FORGET IT!!! He's STILL essentially a Slick Corporate Lawyer from Portland, and that is where his loyalties lie.


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