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The time for "attacking the media", being "watchdogs", or "writing letters of support and criticism" are long past.

The media has become just another corporation---its goal is to make money for its owners, not (as some might like to believe) "report the news", "investigate stories", "keep public figures honest by asking tough questions", etc.

The only way to even attempt to change the way the media operates is by bleeding their cash flow: Use the "three strikes" rule.

After 3 faults---egregious progaganda articles/reports, fluff reporting (Scott Peterson's bowel movements instead of Ohio vote shenanigans), any abrogation of the media's supposed role in a free and democratic society---write a letter or email to the outlet stating that you have withdrawn all of your financial support from that organization. This includes cancelling your subscription or pledges, and writing to advertisers on the outlet to state that you will not purchase their products as long as they advertise on that media outlet.

BTW, all of NYTimes, Washington Post, PBS, NPR, etc. have committed not just 3, but 3333.... such egregious acts, and should no longer be on the list of entities that receive any form of financial or moral support from progressives.

Ultra right-wing media are funded by conservative foundations who have so much money that any loss of subscription/advertising revenues is unlikely to hurt them initially.

Mainstream media (the somewhat right-of-center outlets) will hurt immediately and will either go out of business or will be force to reform.

Left-wing media are already so poor and starved for money that any "boycott" actions by anyone will go unnoticed by them---you cannot lose something you did not already have in the first place.

I used to be a supported of the local NPR/PRI/PBS affiliate in Madison until the 1994 Congressional hearings on public broadcasting (inflicted as part of the Nazi "Contract *on* America"). The way in which the NPR whores bent over backwards to get reamed and tried to please the Nazis (who, as should be obvious to anyone with any working brain cells, can _never_ be appeased or negotiated with), so disgusted me that I wrote them a letter saying that the time for friendly discussion was over and it was now the time to fight.

Obviously, NPR did not fight, and 10 years later, it is many orders of magnitude worse in the kind of garbage it broadcasts pretending to be news or journalism. Supporting such groups is about as bad as sending a check directly to the Nazis.


I agree. But you gotta love the ACLU for getting the torture story back into the media, eventhough the media should have been doing their work and reporting on this story. I think they call it 'investigative journalism.' Like any big time journalists even know what that means anymore. I guess when the ACLU is doing the work journalists used to do, that's not such a good thing. But at least someone's doing it.

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