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It is not just _The Oregonian_ that is engaging in this kind of revisionism. NPR has been continuously using the phrase "[...] the *initial* 35million pledge [...]"; the operative word being "initial".

Perhaps Michael (son of Colon) Bowell called up NPR to warn them that their licenses would be revoked if they do not drink the Kool-aid.

Classic Nazi modus-operandi---keep repeating a lie, and within a week, the population will accept it as gospel.


I know, it's all of them doing the revision. It makes me sick. I'm battering the O on this one because they are local.

Phoenix Woman

Good luck on getting them to listen! Too many journalists nowadays are too damned lazy to factcheck and too damned arrogant to accept correction from those of us who still make such pittances that we're subject to payroll taxes.


Yeah, they do have problems factchecking, bigtime. But why is it that the same journalists who wrote just a little over a week ago that Bush had pledged 15 million are now writing that the initial pledge was 35 million. They're Bush's propaganda slaves.

Paul Bonneau

It's worse than you think.

I have written many letters to the editor of the Oregonian over the years. When they printed them, they were often edited, and poorly, too. I just wrote it off to be some harried opinion page editor trying to cram enough letters into a limited space. But on two separate occasions where I took care to keep the letters concise, they were edited to be *longer* as well as being dumbed down! Now, these letters were in opposition to gun control, and the Oregonian loves gun control. Yes, that's right, they modified at least two letters to make the writer appear uneducated, when the letters were in opposition to their positions on issues.

No wonder I tell my wife, "Ah, the daily pack of lies," when she brings this paper home from work.

Moral of the story: check what they print, if you've sent them a letter - especially for length.

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