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Sid -- check out this unbelievable story:

Made me want to cry, --R


Looks like the military has brainwashed some of its women to sexually degrade themselves in front of Gitmo detainees in order to "preserve our way of life." Eewww. Not sure I could live with myself.


I guess context is everything.

RepubliNazis men (including such illustrious bottom-feeders as James Dogshitson and Bill O'Rowdy) travel to Las Vegas, incognito, and pay large sums of money to women exhorting them to engage in: sexual touching, wearing mini-skirts and thong underwear, and smearing falafel on faces. That is just frat-boy fun.

But when the RepubliNazis go back home and their ugly wives do the same thing, it is torture. But then, a RepubliNazi woman is cruel and unusual punishment anywhere anytime.


I'm sure you'd rather die than have Anne Coulter rubbing her breasts in your face. It's proof that torture doesn't work.

The One True b!X

Of course, now Jordan appears to have suddenly shut up.


I've Googled the story and it looks like the press (the O, AP, Portland Tribune) aren't following up on the story. Looks like the editors realized it was alarmist and are leaving it.

The One True b!X

Wait, the national office of the AP decided Jordan was being alarmist, or the national office of the FBI decided Jordan was being alarmist?


I thought the FBI specialized in alarmism and media frenzyism.


Oh wait, that's the Homeland Security Office. I guess when they're not doing it (no orange alerts since the election) the FBI has to do it.


They came to call themselves "Katibat Al-Mawt," which prosecutors said loosely translated to "squad of death."

Nothing loose about it. That's what it means.

Court documents that depicted the seven as a loose-knit group who studied books and films on jihad and participated in firearms and martial-arts training before the Sept. 11 attacks. Members expressed interest in becoming martyrs.
The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, whose Taliban government supported Osama bin Laden, prompted the six men of the group to join the fight against U.S. forces.

The question of the day: Who were these folks, and what were they doing here?

If folks like Randy Leonard think there is no "sleeper cells' in this area, then what the hell is a Katibat Al-Mawt doing here?

If sleeper cells are in the community's midst, no one from the Portland FBI has ever told him, Leonard said.

"It's frightening people and having government based on fear rather than acceptance" said Randy!

HELLO RANDY..HELLO,What the hell is a Katibat Al-Mawt doing here?

There is a reason to fear, I fear people who don't fear.

A big PS: You people who jumped me for one "terror handbook" found...the training, and planning and firearms stuff didn't come from the "INTOLERANT" BOY SCOUTS HANDBOOK ... YOU INFIDELS!

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