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Josip Biocic

I know this is not right adress to adress,but i Would appriciate if you can foward this e-mail to right hands.

I found your article about you meeting clyde, and if you could forward him this massage it would be nice.

Help is needed. Clyde is still in good shape, he played recanty with Nique, Magic agains army team. If he plans to wisit Europe in early next year I invite him (or someone good as him) to play for us. The team is caled Rudes and it compeets in Croatian A2 league.
We are amater club and, practise in small 60 year old gyim with leaking roof. Oficial Croatian basketball organisation looks at us as garbage and they wont us relegated.
My idea is if we can bring one true star for even one game, we could change their perspective of us and find sponsors for our senior and youth program. The transfer and registration period is untill mid January.

Best wishes

Josip Biocic

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