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Along the same vein:

2 RepublicNazis get on a plane and sit in the window and center seats. A Democrat gets on and sits in the aisle seat.

Once airborne, the Dem takes off his shoes and gets nice and comfy, when immediately the center-seat RepubliNazi starts to get up saying he wants a coke. The Dem politely offers to go himself and get the coke for him. When the Dem is off to the pantry, the RepubliNazi spits into one of the shoes.

A while later, the window-seat RepubliNazi also gets up wanting a coke. The Dem nicely offers to get it for him. While he is gone, the RepubliNazi spits in the other shoe.

The plane is about to land, and the Dem puts on his shoes and immediately realizes what has happened. He moans:

"This has got to stop; the fighting, the bickering, the partisanship, the divide. How long can we go on like this---spitting in shoes and pissing in Cokes".

Moral: Never pass up a chance to piss in a RepubliNazi's coke, except when it is HitlerBush's coke (he cannot snort it them).


Can't beat that :D lol

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