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I have reason to believe I may know a British man who may have been directly involved in the extraordinary renditions as well as extractions and possibly torture, I would like to make contact with Associated Press writer Rukmini Callimachi in the Portland area who has researched Premiere Executive Transport Services to see if applicable dates co-incide.

Tom Gerald

Please note: correct spelling for the name of the Attorney General of Oregon is
Hardy MYERS.
Important for any of us who hope to have him or his staff pay any attention to a communication we may address to him.
And DO please write him immediately regarding this matter.
Thank you for the insightful, alarming article.


Well, this story is very interesting to say the least, but as I see it, its just MEDIA HYPE and your looking for someone to blame! I can say that I personally know Scott D. Caplan and he is one of the most upstanding people I know. He is smart, dedicated, he does his research and his job very well! Jordan, Caplan, Paul & Etter is an outstanding firm with great attorneys and staff. I am sure you wonder how I know all of this? Well because I used to work there!! So to assume that false records were filed is NONSENSE!! To assume that Scott D. Caplan is shady, is competely false. He is one of the most respected attorneys I know. So instead of just assuming and trying to point your finger, maybe you should research your facts a little more. Thanks and have a great day!

Jay Stone

Does anyone else find it odd that the above posting is filed by "Anonymous"? Yet they claim to have worked there, and claim to know Scott Caplan personally. Very fishy, indeed. Maybe someone is trying to make this story sound bogus, because they know the truth, and want to discredit the author before it gets out and becomes widely known? Perhaps if "Anonymous" knows that Scott Caplan is a fine, outstanding citizen, then they will know the whereabouts of a certain Mr. Leonard T. Bayard, and how the author can get a hold of him to clear up this "nonsensical" article, and all of this "media hype". Who knows? Scott Caplan could have just been an unwitting participant, used in a CIA cover-up scheme, completely unbeknownst to him. But if that was the case, then wouldn't he have some information on the person he thinks was Leonard T. Bayard? Or at least some kind of records on that man besides just a name with no face? I mean, he did set up a company for this man, right? I don't know, it's just a thought.

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Thank you for the insightful, alarming article.

Luke Hamilton

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