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Kari Chisholm

Just called it a moment ago... There was a voicemail, no southern accent. Pretty standard message, but the tone seemed to imply that if a voicemail was left, it wouldn't be returned.


Did you call after hours? Maybe that's why you got the voicemail instead, unless they've been getting so many calls they've just switched to voicemail. When I called, I got a woman with a southern accent. A friend of mine who called also got the southern accent.

PDX Dude

I just called it and got a voice mail with a man's voice, and I agree with Kari that it does not sound like they really want to hear from anyone. Shady.


I think after the number got out they just switched it to a voice mail system. Before they actually had someone ansering the number, like it was some kind of answering service. Shady, indeed.

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