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Cool. Sounds like a calculus proof.

I like this part "Fixing Social Security and making better investment decisions have no logical or theoretical relationship. One is an issue of social policy, the other an issue of financial investment theory."

It looks like Bush is trying to do two things at once.

What would Sid's brother think about denying tax breaks for private savings in micro businesses in the local community where the investor may be related to the entrepreneur? Concerns about insider trading vanish in this context because the owners know each other and are concerned with profit rather than flipping stock. The tax break to not invest locally is where I think Bush violates his rhetoric on ideology; irrespective of the SS sub-issue.


Please stop using words and phrases like "fix" and "fixing" Social Security. The moment anyone uses words like "fix", "fixing", or "crisis", they have already lost the framing battle to the RepubliNazis.

Social Security, as a feature of American public life, is sound and will remain so as long as HitlerBush and the RepubliNazis do not get their way.

The mechanisms used by the trustees to implement the details of Social Security administration will _evolve_ over time, adapting to changing environmental circumstances. The precise details of the evolution of the mechanisms will be discussed by the trustees after HitlerBush and the RepubliNazis are tried and convicted for their war-crimes in the World Criminal Court.

Let us first "fix" democracy, before looking for other things to "fix".


True, using the word "fix" puts the debate in their territory. So what do we use? We do have to do something because in 2052 retirees will receive 80% of what they are supposed to based on today's estimates.

Do we say, "adjust" or "amend" or "tweak"? I like "tweak." It sounds less drastic. We only need to tweak the system a little to ensure full payments to retirees.

How does that sound?

Good question on microbiz. We'll see if my bro stops by again.

Sid's brother

OK. I won't use the word 'fix'. How about "implement marginal structural adjustments"?

As for the RepubliNazis, now that LeninDean is the head of the DNC I really hope the DemoCommies can get their act together. MaoClinton really left the party a mess & MarxKerry didn't put up much of a fight in 04 & neither did CastroGore in 2000. And does anybody even remember TrotskyDukakis?


Dear brother,

I know you feel lost without a party, but Dean's good for the Dems, despite what you hear on Fox and CNN. Just check his record out while he was guv of VT. It's all about building up the state parties now. I think we've got some good candidates in the pipeline.


Marx was just an economist who dared to offer a critique rather than a rationalization to suit the then current leaders. Kerry has more in common with the evil monopolists, supporting huge holding companies so long as they are headed by state treasurers and operated for the benefit of a particular class -- which does not necessarily overlap with the working class.

The public employee pension funds have bought the line that stocks are a sure fire investment, so much so that they justified general obligation bonds (rechristened Pension Obligation Bonds, so as to escape recognition of the real costs when appropriation laws are otherwise complied with) where The Oregonian can trumpet the savings from borrowing at 5.5 percent with the fact of future returns of 8 percent or more. Now, how could these same folks, the public employees, turn around and say that stocks are too risky, in the context of SS? I do have to admire the long term strategy of the folks that want to buy government bonds rather than risk losing money in real capitalist ventures.

I do oppose authoritarian philosophies of every flavor.


I think most Americans oppose authoritarian philosophies, but some authoritarian corportists (sp?) are really good at duping about half of this country by using terms like "ownership society." Their Orwellian doublespeak will end up hurting capitalism in the end, and we'll need another FDR to save capitalism from the corportists.

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