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Kevin Hayden

My roommate is a compulsive recycler, almost obsessive. He's progressive in nearly every way. But this label wouldn't work for him because he bought into Amway's non-polluting product theme eons ago.

He doesn't really push it like he once did but he buys their products for his own use. It's a pity as the owners of Amway are also major GOP financial supporters.

Labelling has to use a real scary bogeyman. Commies, terrorists, whatever. Accurate representations or small distortions just aren't effective. The more outrageous and hard to believe it is, the better it works.

Bush's Social Security plan won't work because it will require old people to agree to go to nursing homes at 72 where costs can be shared. Do the math yourself and anyone can see that this is the hidden part of their plan: forced detention of the elderly, after forcing them to sell their homes.

See? It has to rivet the attention, make folks afraid, make them uncertain no matter how Bush defends against such claims.

Little lies get you booted out of office. The Big Lies get you re-elected for life. It's sad, really, but it's how I've come to see voter behavior work.


Love the Amway-GOP pyrimid parallel. What a great idea.


I thought of it in the shower ;) They're not exactly the same, but they're similar. In both cases it's a stacked deck... you don't have a chance when wealth becomes so concentrated as it is in the Amway pyramid or Republican economy pyramid.


You're right, labeling needs to be scary. The next time you're hanging out with a bunch of people ask them if they would join you at an Amway party and see how they react. To a lot of people, Amway is scary, and to others it's a joke. Either way it's a negative label. Even the phrase 'pyramid scheme' is negative... so we can call it 'the GOP pyramid scheme.'

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