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Corn cob?!

You are just giving Alberto Torquemada new ideas for AbuGhraibing.

Sid Anderson

AbuGhraibing? Is that in Websters?


"AbuGhraibing" is (ready? you knew this was coming. here it is) a:


Hahaha. As the good Professor Peter Schickele once said, I am so funny that I sometimes slay myself.


_The Guardian_ has excerpts from a quiz supposedly used to test recruits of the new Iraqi police "farce_. The questions are multiple-choice, and almost too good to be true (which makes me suspect the hand of _The Onion_ or the "Yes Men" in a well-executed hoax).

Still, take a look at the questions. For bonus points, compare your answers against those of HitlerBush's and the RepubliNazis'.,,1405703,00.html

Pay particular attention to:

"Any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person is: a) torture; b) interview techniques; c) interrogation techniques; d) informative and reliable."

I am looking forward to the World Criminal Court engaging in some interview questions with the RepubliNazis that is informative and reliable.

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