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andrew morton

for those on the west coast it'll be the 1st segment. that whole 60 minutes segment was good but missed out on the whole portland/bayard angle. i guess that would have been a bit much to cram into a 15 minute segment.


Yeah, they did skip the Bayard Foreign Marketing deal. BFM purchased the plane from Premier Transport, the company they talked about in 60 Minutes.

I thought Michael Sheuer (sp?) was being a little slippery. He claimed that he thinks information gained through torture isn't reliable, but then turned around and said that it was his job to protect Americans. Well, if it isn't reliable, then what's the point? And are we really protecting Americans when we allow torture?

I'm glad they brought up the practices of toture in Tashkent... that they boil people. Now you can't tell me that if your arm is being stuck in boiling water that you're not going to tell the person whatever it is they want to hear. One thing they didn't mention on the show that was in the New Yorker article was that all the info they got out of Tashkent ended up being rubbish. Case closed.

Michael Tabor

Nothing like 60 minutes having outdated info to show!
Go figure
It’s been since Nov.16 04
And Portland Owner Connection doesn’t get into the article
Well doesn’t surprise me in the slightest ignorant way of always get 1/2 truths these days.
Thanks for discussing current updated important aspects that need to be mentioned.



Thanks for the link. Yeah, everything the MSM does now is always old news to the blogosphere and the New Yorker. And when they do the story, they leave some of the most important stuff out, like the 60 Minutes story didn't even mention the Canadian citizen who was rendered to Syria and tortured for a year. Typical.


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