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Sid: I've eaten crow on my own blog on this, but I will certainly own up to giving Sen. Smith TOO much credit for his inconsequential positions on ANWR and Medicaid last month. If he really meant it on either or both, he would have voted against the Rs' most outrageous budget last week (as they had 52 votes, he still could have done so on principle and not be hung out to dry by his party). Smith's "conversion" to moderation appears both short-lived and insincere, and your confirmation of his vote on the nuclear option only underscores this. Let's continue to expose the truth - then the evidence will be in hand for '08 in any case...


We have no choice but to expose the truth and to keep holding it out there. Smith will go faux-moderate again in about Nov. '07.

Oh, and we all have to eat crow every once in a while ;-)


Hi Sid,

Word has it that Smith might not run for re-election. Have you heard any of this? It is just a rumor of course, but many close to him are saying that he has had enough. In all honesty, he doesn't really need the money or whatever as he has the business in Eastern Oregon that makes him a tiddy sum.

What is disturbing about this is that we may see him align more and more with the religious conservatives as he may have nothing to loose from betraying Oregonians. This little horse trading tidbit may be just one example of what is to come. I haven't a crystal ball, so I guess we will see. :)

Great blog, BTW!




Interesting. No, I haven't heard that at all. If it's true and he does align himself more with the religious conservatives it will leave a bad taste in the mouths of many Oregonians, leaving the next GOP candidate with a broken tool-box.

Also, if Smith is leaving, perhaps it's part of the revolving door snydrome that has hit so many DC politicians.


I had the chance to talk personally with our dear old Kitzhaber a couple of months back, and when I brought it up, he expressed interest in the Senate seat for '08. By then, it may be too late, as our democracy may already be lost, but that's one sure seat we'd win back!


I would love it if Kitzhaber ran. He knows what's goin' on.


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