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Funny thing about the focus on Potter. On this morning's edition of "Oregon Crossfire", host-from-the-right Larry George admitted that he thought one of ideas for oversight that had been discussed seemed to make sense. But nowhere near as much time over the coruse of the show's 2 hours was spent on anything resembling "why won't the Feds agree to that? why are they being stubborn?" as was spent finding ways to slam Potter.

So even when you can get people to briefly admit the Feds had a role in creating the impasse, they run as fast as they can away from that momentary lapse into sanity and return to just bashing one side.


I know. It's infuriating because it's such an important topic to debate and so much could be gained if an honest debate were to take place in the media. We would be in a better place for sure, but with the media towing the Feds' line, there's no reason for the Feds to seek out a solution on this. They can have it their way because the propaganda machine is in full swing.


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