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In related news, Kevin Mannix claimed that he was Emma Goldman reincarnated. This, he said, should make him one of the Anarchists. He claimed that he held the same views as in his previous birth except for womens rights, workers rights, free love, free universal education, and free speech (
He urged the Anarchist community of Oregon to vote for one of their own -- him ... or her ... or it ... or whatever.

He further explained that not only does he want to unite the Anarchist and Republicans of Oregon but also the Libertarians. He is going to form a new party called -- Liberanarpublican. The new party will implement a common minimal program -- get rid of the government and all taxes. Flag-burning would be required before any party meeting or event, followed by chants of 'U-S-A'. Black would be the official dress code along with a ski-mask or a handkerchief covering most of the face. As to the potentially conflicting views on bible-thumping, tax-free pot-smoking, tax-free prostitution, property rights, capitalism, corruption, authority of the church/clergy/minister (a.k.a. local -- child-molester, thug, hypocrite, mafia, racketeer), Mannix said that all these issues would be settled WWE SmackDown style, to be shown live on Fox hosted by Hulk Hogan and Akebono.


I wish the Republicans in the rest of the country were as gleefully inept at politics as Kevin Mannix. LOL



LOL! I can't top that one, but I'm glad I got you started.


One day in the distant future, you libs might get a clue to how the world works! The conservatives are the people that built this country and protect it from the weakening clutches of people that think that gov control of the health system will help its strife.. The war in the east is fought to keep it out of the west.
Anarchist? Gee, do you really think they give a shit about who runs for gov or pres!!! They are against government rules and laws remember..


Looks like you don't know the meaning of APRIL 1st. But then again it's tough for conservtives to get a joke.

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