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One of the beauties of the "nuclear freeze" compromise by the 14 US Senators is that there is a list now of who is a centrist concerned as much about institutions of democracy as about ideology. It is a more concrete definition than we have had in quite some time.

Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, John McCain, John Warner, Lindsay Graham, Mike DeWine, Olympia Snowe, Robt. Byrd, Ken Salazar et. al. who signed onto the compromise are "centrists" and by that definition Chuck Hagel and Gordon Smith are not.

Vic Atiyeh is often forgotten in discussions like these. He was a good man (agree or disagree with him) and Republicans are unlikely to elect any more candidates statewide until they find someone with his manners, his ability to engage in dialogue with (rather than preach at) ordinary folks, his concern for specifics of down to earth issues, etc.



Yes, you're right about Vic Atiyeh. Republicans in Oregon have this problem: Unless they pander to the right-wing evangelicals, they won't be able to get out of the primary (see Ron Saxton.)

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