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the full deck

SB 1037 protects "resource" lands like farmland and timberland from these so-called clusters. So what's your problem?


I live in Northern Virginia, in the fastest growing county in the US. (Loudon). We have nothing but cluster subdivisions, and they are killing the area. It makes mass transpotation practically impossible, and itt makes you completely reliable on the automobile.

I honestly, say the Oregon legislature do nothing about M37. Let the counties that want to sprawl interpret M37 loosely. And let the counties that want to grow smartly interpret M37 narrowly.


full deck-

My problem is that cluster subdivisions cause more problems. Rural "bedroom community" development is expensive for taxpayers because it increases the burden on rural roads, freeway exits and entrances to rural communties, water supply (do you put these bedroom communities on individual wells that will have negative effect on the water table in the area or do you bring public water to the area as was done in this case in Clark County Washington... $$$)

The home builders don't pay for all of this stuff. We do, the taxpayers. You get my drift?

ron ledbury

Just think golf course. What good would a golf course be in the boonies if one cannot put a a few houses around the edge?


Perfect analogy, Ron. Perfect.

Tom Franzel

Our family bought 23 acres in Clark County in 1978,when the zoning allowed 5 acre divisions, and there was no such thing as "resource land." We paid approximately 10 times per acre more than we would have for poorly located WORKING agricultural land in Washington State. In 1979 the Comprehensive plan substituted clustering for 5 acre zoning and re-classified us "agricultural." Trusting the process we did not divide our land into four "5's." Now we own downzoned "Agricultural Resource Land," minimum 20 acres--and have retired. We are two mile from town. Please kiss our asses.

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