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Ron Ledbury

Welcome back.

Here is snippet from a local blogger.

Wouldn’t it be nice if upon turning 18 years old we were each issued our very own closely held corporation.

From Zero's and Ones.

I want to know if the Democrats can muster the will to protect the individual against the corporations.

Capitalism as it is practiced today is not the Capitalism that I believe in. And the Democrats are as guilty of the distortions as are the Republicans.

I can see no hope of ending the notion of making nearly every citizen into a debt slave. Coupled with this notion is that the path to individual freedom is often paved by saddling someone else in debt. (Peddling mortgages, homes or cars or furniture on credit etc etc.)

What flavor of ideology shall describe me? Economic slavery is an economic condition, not the color of one's skin, and MLK tried to make this point clear. But not everyone heard.

Will the Democrats restrain the push of big ideas so as to isolate on the value of protecting the little guy from unequal bargaining power of larger corporations? And can they do it by advancing notions of individual liberty that are rhetorically bandied about by the Right?

I think of myself as anti-authoritarian; which implies protection of individual rights against even well-intentioned big ideas.


Thanks Ron.

I agree that the kind of capitalism we have now is out of whack. My grandfather ran a grain and seed business in South Dakota. He saved money to start the business and ran it purely on sweat equity. I've done my best to run my business the same way, although it takes longer to grow it through sweat equity, but I believe in the long run you end up with something more solid because you're not always teetering on the edge of having bad cash flow issues.

The problem with the current Dem leadership in DC is that they've become dependent on corporate cash, see Joe Biden and MBNA, CHASE, etc. We need a new generation of Dems who think differently about fundraising, grass roots and elections.

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