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ron ledbury

I am still waiting for any reasoned effort to rebut my point posted here.

The politics of polarization to solidify some base set of voters is just too depressing.

ron ledbury

Opps, link here fixed.



In a perfect constitutional world, we would have civil unions for all and marriage would be a private matter. The very fact that marriage is considered a part of religious belief systems should disqualify it from being part of any government policy.

activist kaza

Concisely and compellingly argued, Sid...I couldn't agree with you more completely. Thanks for the link to Minnis-watch!

Jenni Simonis

I agree. I've been advocating for some time now that the word "marriage" should be removed from all legal documents and replaced with other wording, such as civil unions.

The problem is that we've melded two ceremonies into one-- a religious one and a legal/civil one. Because of this, Christians seem to think they own marriage and that the rules of the Bible should apply. They seem to forget (all too often these days) that te United States' laws are not based on the Bible.

It drives me crazy to sit in church each week and listen to people say that gays only care about "me, me, me" and "my rights." It seems the other way around to me.

Thanks for posting the link to Minnis Watch. Hopefully we can get others posting info (we're trying to keep an archive of news articles & such) as well as donating towards the cause of defeating her next year.

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