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Major factors adversely impacting rural medicine are the low medicare and HMO reimbursement rates. Here in Southern Oregon, ours reimbursement rates significantly lower than up your direction, despite the fact that medical care here are close to the same. Why the low rates? That's a question we never get a straight answer on. It's one of the reasons we have trouble recruiting doctors's harder to make a living while paying off school loans.

For what it's worth...I have a couple doctors in the family who live in Washington and considered moving to Oregon. After researching it, they declined based upon the higher malpractice rates here.



We do need to get the malpractice rates down, but capping jury awards won't do it. People have been looking in the wrong place on this issue. Hope you got a chance to check the link I put in the post from

Although I'm an urban-liberal, rural medicine interests me because I was one of those babies who was born in a rural hospital an hour away from my mom's home town where there was no doctor.


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