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This is such a complex topic, I suppose I could have written all day about it. I'd like to add to the post by saying that we have to make the teaching profession more attractive. In places like Japan, teachers are up there with doctors, lawyers and engineers.

I know there's a lot of sentiment out there against teachers unions, but c'mon... these people are teaching and preparing today's children for tomorrow's market. They should be paid like professionals and able to retire comfortably after committing their working lives to the future of the country.

I'm not saying just anyone should be able to become a teacher and make a good salary. Just as we have a high bar for other professions such as doctors, lawyers, etc. so to should we for teachers.

andrew morton

an article you might be interested in. looks like the southeast wasn't the only place bush stuck the hacks that worked on his campaign. we've got one right here in the northwest. thank god we haven't had to see how he'd measure up. my favorite part is that his degree is from a school that's being investigated for being a diploma mill.


Thanks for the heads up on this!


Here's the link from above that Andrew gave.

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