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activist kaza

But...who knows? Here's hoping Chief Justice Roberts surprises us in the fashion of Souter, Stevens, etc. It's inevitable he will be confirmed. Now let us pray for his wisdom.



If only there were a god, then praying might just help.

I don't think Roberts will overturn R v. W, but he'll gut it. I think what disturbs me about Roberts is that he's of the school that supports strong executive power of the president, which I don't think the constitution ever intended.


Most countries do not regulate abortion through their constitution but through the law. Most European countries make abortion generally accessible in the first three months of a pregancy and then restrict it and usually ban it after 6 months.

Not being born American I never understood the fervor with which liberals defend the right to terminate almost any unborn child. You can both support abortion rights and believe that Roe v. Wade is an anomaly.

It is true that most anti-abortion activists would probably want to outlaw abortion all together. But most outsiders (for example Europeans) would find the current American practice of basically unrestricted access to abortion in any trimester depply troublesome.



Most late term abortions take place due to health risks to the mother or a severe problem with the fetus. I know of women who had second term abortions because the fetus had a severe heart problem and would have died within weeks of being born, if not before, and in one case where the fetus' had no brain and also would have died within weeks of being born.

I would bet that the termination of a perfectly healthy pregnancy in the late second or third terms in unheard of.

You make it sound as if Amercians just willy-nilly decide to have late term abortions. Maybe you could take some time an investigate the issue some more.

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