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Susan Hagmeier

As a single mother I despise the term "broken family" almost as much as I despise the likes of Lowry, who from his undoubtedly comfortable life thinks he's some kind of expert on my life and my children's.


Your point is well taken. Do you have any suggestions?

Some of us do come from tragic circumstances, so I'm not sure how I would describe it. My point of course, is that despite what happened to some of us as children, the parent who was left to take care of the family was able to successfully raise us, and being in a good school district was an important ingredient for that success.

Shawn Stanfill

I just read Rich Lowry's Editorial
"Don't let generals run the war alone"
titled under BUSH's Vietnam Syndrome,

I have never read such a misrepresentation of the Vietnam War. He is not far removed from the very thing that killed 58 thousand soldiers. He has stereotyped people, places, and things. There is nothing in his dribble that is accurate about the war. The only similarities between Vietnam and Iraq are this; The “Order of Battle” has been violated! In Vietnam, Westmoreland ruined careers of Officers that gave honest intelligence estimates while Westmoreland, and Robert McNamera conducted the war from there desks killing tens of thousands of American Soldiers. These lessons where not repeated in Desert Storm, by Officers who became Generals. Now we are relearning them all over again by the violations of the “Order of Battle” I.e. the Vice Presidents Neocons’

Rich Lowry’s “Dribble” is dangerous, and is a clear example of history repeating itself through uniformed writers. You see the only similarity between Vietnam and Iraq was a common denominator “Robert McNamara & Donald Rumsfeld” We need to let the General fight the war. Little boys like Rich Lowery, should start doing pushups and quit being arm chair quarterbacks. Grow up! This war can’t be run by politicians, and little boys. The fact is they can’t stand the truth”

I personally believe we need to get back to the Powell Doctrine. It insulates the Country from maniacs like Robert Mcnamar & Donald Rumsfeld types. Rich . . . . Grow up, and let the Generals fight the war

Sincerely, Shawn Stanfill, Combat Veteran of Vietnam


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