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You'd make your point better without the exaggeration...90 percent? Here's a list of the last 60 initiatives at this link:

- About 40 percent of them were referred by the legislature. So, assuming that you didn't mean to include these in your claim, here's a sampling of the rest that obviously were not conservative initiatives.

34: Requires Balancing Timber Production, Resource Conservation/Preservation
in Managing State Forests

33: Amends Medical Marijuana Act: Requires Marijuana Dispensaries for Supplying Patients/Caregivers; Raises Patients’ Possession Limit

27: Requires Labeling of Genetically--Engineered Foods Sold or Distributed in or from Oregon

25: Increases Minimum Wage to $6.90 in 2003; Increases for Inflation in Future Years

20: Increases Cigarette Tax; Uses Revenue for Health Plan, Other Programs

14: Amends Constitution: Removes Historical Racial References in Obsolete Sections of Constitution

5: Expands Circumstances Requiring Background Checks Before Transfer Of Firearm

97: Bans Body--Gripping Animal Traps, Some Poisons; Restricts Fur Commerce

94: Repeals Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Certain Felonies, Requires Resentencing

I could have listed more, but you get the one has a monopoly on or even pushes a majority of the initiatives here in Oregon. Sure conservative activists have submitted a few real stinkers, and that's worth condemning. But, let's stick to factual analysis.


A majority of the measures since 1990 listed on Wikipedia are clearly conservative.


You did notice that Wikipedia used a partail listing...and that majority is a bit more broad than 90 percent...

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