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Peter Bray

I think Oregon should institute a real estate transfer tax AND real estate subdivision tax of, say, 10% for any land sold that is over 100 acres or any 100+ acre parcel that is subdivided. Such taxes would be waived, however, if the buyer maintains the land as farm/forest.

ron ledbury

I just got an idea from this:

Legislation to ban Republican couples from adopting children

I have two beefs (at a minimum) with Measure 37, one is the lack of court's proper attention to equal privileges and immunities and the split based on time of transfer which is really just a split based on a buyer's knowledge of a law the time of purchase.

Here might be the remedy:

Submit an initiative petition that grants the same rights that Measure 37 claimants have for waive-or-pay to all non-Measure-37-eligible claimants (namely those who have purchased at any time after 1973) but it would designate that the costs for any government decision to pay-rather-than-to-waive must be paid for exclusively by the recipients of the cash-in-lieu-of-waiver folks covered by Measure 37, and not limited to their receipt of such cash by reason of Measure 37 claims but to all their personal resources.

Who would I be mocking?

If I were to start, or even merely announce, that such a proposed initiative was in the works then any and all specially privileged recipients of Measure-37-claimants-that-take-cash would have "knowledge" of the future claim against them.

holly smtih

The claimants of measure 37 are estimating the values of their properties based on the current housing market. This is a false premise. The housing market is what it is today because of the Urban Growth Boundary. All of our property values inside the UGB are going to be deminished by all of this sudden housing availability. Where is the reimbursement for that? The road in front of my house might be 4 laned causing me to loose a good percentage of the value of my home. Our property taxes could escalate due to the added infrastructure. The tourists dollars that our state's natural beauty attracts could be deminished. We inside the UGB need to speak up through legal means to defend our own interests and this states livability. Oregon is different than Atlanta, L.A,and Denver because of the UGB and our lack of endless sprawl. It can all be ruined all for the interests of a few greedy developers.

Roberta  Heinz

help me find information about Crystal Springs Packing Co. A So Or corp. They are Claim number M121986 under Measure 37. The proposal stinks of collusion between a prospective builder in the valley and this owner of a 138.91 acre orchard north of Jacksonville. No public water or sewer, with extremely limited well resources and a proposal to build 50 homes. Claiming 9.698 mil in compensation if right to subdivide is not granted. Greed - not need is involved in this case. There are many homes for sale - many go unpurchased. Spec homes frequently sit >1 year before purchase. There is one going on 2 yrs less than 3/4 mile from here.


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