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Vishal Shah

Dear Sir,
I'm interested for auto richskaw for gautemala. Can you give me the price. I need atleast 60 vehicles.


Jay Dave

Hi i would like to buy 1auto rickshaw to start with in Fremont, CA. near San Jose.



I am interested to buy the auto-rickshaw. Give me the price details of it. I want black color.

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Could you give me the wholesale and retail prices of auto-rickshaw and transportation cost (to Western Europe)?
Thanks, Victor


I am interested to buy the auto-rickshaw. Give me the price details of it.


Shanghai Angel DP Co., Ltd is a Chinese company which main products are electric bike, electric rickshaw, electric motorcycle, and lead acid battery for bike.

About our company and electric bike products, please visit our website to see more.

Best Regards,


Shanghai Angel D.P. Co., Ltd

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new hobbies

Where can I find a list of street names in Shanghai, China that can be
cross referenced with their names pre-1949.

kevin lopez

I am interested in buying 1 to start with (auto- rickshaw give price and shipping to oklahoma Us.


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