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ron ledbury

I wish I could reach folks on the issue of debt.

Think broader. Do not frame it is anti-payday-loan or anti-Party-of-God.

These links are a cry for help from the horror of debt.

You must also learn to think of student loan debt not as aid for the poor but as a gift of money to a bank whereby the government then makes a slave out of the debtor. There are far too many instances of "aid" that are really just the result of creative "framing" to capture more debt slaves.

Government debt is just a scheme to offer guaranteed profit and there is no level of "progressivity" in the tax code that can overcome the regressiveness of the impact of the guaranteed profits from the exertion of taxing authority.

My biggest enemy is the incomplete arguments by folks who should already see the light and share a common concern.


The point of my post was not to discuss the negative aspects of debt, but rather to point out the hypocrisy of the GOP and its carrying the so-called mantle of "Christianity."

"DEBT" and why Americans and our own government carry so much of it is a topic for another entry... perhaps on your site?

ron ledbury

It was you who made the link between God and Usury. It is a link that is illusory. I would not want debt-talk to be subsumed by discussion of God, as it confounds a rational discussion of either debt or god in isolation. Thus my offering is to rebut your reasoning. I suppose I could have talked about the treatment of Usury in other religions, but the spectrum of knowledge I could bring would be less, as I reject religious beliefs.

I think the harm caused by mortgage brokers far surpasses that of the payday loan folks, by a substantial margin. This is not a morality issue, just a cold hard calculation of the aggregate reduction in liberty.


Have you been turned down by other lenders?


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