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Nicely done. Good sales job. Too bad they're not lucky enough to have a New Seasons nearby!


Agreed. New Seasons is the best and I have to say they've been even better to me than Whole Foods, and that's pretty damn good.

T. Hamm

I know it's way late to comment on this but...

Yeah. Whole Foods is JUST like Walmart. I'm glad as hell we kept them out. That article disgusts me.

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I agree with you all, and a new season must not come to early hehehe...

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Zupan's, a remodeled upscale Fred Meyer, City Market, Trader Joes and Whole Foods, all of which have a good share of business. Many of these stores, particularly the local ones like Food Front, had to make some changes in order to compete with Whole Foods, and those changes have made Food Front a better place to shop.

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Portland where one can witness the fiercest competition between natural/specialty food stores in the nation. Within a one mile radius, we have Food Front, Zupan's, a remodeled upscale Fred Meyer, City Market, Trader Joes and Whole Foods

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I make restore points before I upgrade anything like this, but I still worry about upgrading too much and messing something up. So, is it better to upgrade computer drivers or leave them alone if they're working fine?

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